LaGe Octopus Tripod

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Do you want to take videos and photos for your social media for popularity?

The Lage Octopus Tripod is an all around help for you due to its elastic design, you can do your selfies, tiktoks and memes everywhere, anywhere. Applicable to all terrains and can cope up to your hypes. DOPE!

Hard time to carry all your gadgets and accessories on a shoot?

Well, this will be your break! A tripod? A monopod? A stand? It is not easy but this LaGe Octopus Tripod made it right. Create your stories with your phone, camera and go pros on the go. Fitting to all you need would be an advantage to do more.

You can make your own way on how to use the tripod to maximize your creativity.




  1. Made of hard plastic,complete flexibility
  2. 360° Ball Head for multi-angle shooting
  3. Non-slip design for better protection of your phone and camera
  4. Universal 1/4 screw can be directly connected to the camera, phone clip, adapter, etc.
  5. Versatile, can be used as a mobile phone tripod, simple handle and iPad stand.




LaGe Octopus Tripod

The accessories that will carry you to your success in social medias, blogging, podcasting and creating stories that will open the world to a brand new era of influencers.