Running Cushion Insoles

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  1. Material: Memory Foam
  2. Size:
    • S 36-38 inches (23-24cm)
    • M 39-41 inches (25-26cm)
    • L 42-44 inches (27-28cm)
    • XL 45-46 inches (29-30cm)


  1. Easy to clean, comfortable to wear
  2. Having a deodorizing effect
  3. Easy and convenient to match your shoes
  4. Can reduce the damage to the foot due to vibration
  5. It is used for all kinds of sports shoes, such as baseball, softball, running, climbing, golf, basketball, horseback riding, and so on.
  6. Effectively support the arch and take the pressure off the area to facilitate the arch of the foot fatigue and pain
  7. Comfort and ventilation holes arch pressure relief, strengthen resistance forces bracket
  8. Color: 4 colors available

Package included: 1 Pair Insoles


You can cut the insole to the right size for you by yourself 2 ways to cut your Insoles:
  1. Measure your feet length, than find the size line on the insole, cut it slightly longer than your feet
  2. Use your right size insoles, put it on the new one, than cut it slowly